Chimney Inspections

Sweep-A-Chim offers three types of Inspections for the functionality and safety of home owners and renters Level 1 Inspection A visual Chimney Inspection that can be done annually as a standalone service or in conjunction with a sweeping service. Also a level 1 inspection is recommended when replacing an old appliance with a new one of a similar type. Level 2 Inspection A more detailed inspection requiring video scanning and recording. This service is used prior to relining a chimney’s flue, replacement of an older appliance with a new one of dissimilar type, after a malfunction or chimney fire, or when the residence is being sold or transferred in a real estate transaction. We use a camera called Chim-Scan. Level 3 Includes all the areas covered in level 1 and level 2 inspections but also includes inspection of buildings and foundations that may require destructive action to the property, county inspectors and contractor services to replace the pieces removed for this type of inspection.