Why Choose Regency Brand Stoves?

There are so many pellet, gas, and wood stoves on the market these days that it makes shopping quite difficult! Here at Sweep-A-Chim we make it simple! We offer one premium brand to our customers. In fact, we have installed hundreds of stoves of various brands and Regency has met both our company standards, as well as our customers.

Quality Products

Regency stands by their products. They prove this by offering a generous warranty period and replacement parts for any known defects within this time period. Any stove can have problems just like anything in today’s world and any salesmen who denies this is just being a salesmen. The interesting fact is that we see less problems with this brand and that is what we like to see… Happy customers!! When problems do arise, Regency always carries replacement parts for their stoves which is great for those who expect to keep their stove for many years!


Regency offers a wide variety of stoves. Whether it be gas stoves, wood stoves, pellet stoves, or even prefab fireplaces, Regency carries it. It is important to find the product your looking for!

Regency Training

As stated above, any stove can have problems regardless of the brand. Therefore, its important to know your dealer/installer will be there and know how to repair anything when problems arise. That is why Sweep-A-Chim attends Regency Training every year to ensure we know the products inside and out. Literally, we get to take these bad boys apart and strip them to bare metal and then reassemble!

Customer Feedback

This is probably the most important reason for using Regency.Regency has been perfecting its products with feedback from customers like you. This is the most important step in product development phase and A LOT of stove companies have skipped this step. Regency on the other hand provides a product feedback section on their website and also accepts feedback from technicians such as ourselves.

It has been a great experience to see Regency’s product line develop over the years and to be apart of that is an even greater feeling. We really hope for you to become apart of this great family and help pave the path for more efficient heating!