Heavy Snow and Masonry Repairs

Snow Chimney Damage

Over the years, we’ve figured out that heavy snow and masonry repairs go hand in hand. We don’t know about you, but we’re still digging out from that big snow. Did you know all of that heavy snow can cause your chimney to shift, and the freeze/thaw cycle can wreak havoc on your masonry and faux stone applications on your house, retaining walls, mailbox surrounds, etc.? Obviously, if you can see visible cracks in your chimney or at the base of your chimney, you should stop using your fireplace and call us immediately. We do chimney inspections year round, and we can make the determination of what steps need to be taken to repair your chimney. You may want to check with your insurance company to see if chimney repairs are covered by your homeowner’s policy. Call Sweep a Chim today at 410-838-8519 if you think you’re going to need masonry repairs to other areas of your property. We’ll either tell you over the phone or come out and give you recommendations for protecting your masonry from further damage until the weather warms up consistently enough where we can make repairs to the mortar. Mortar sets up best, providing optimum strength, when temperatures are above 40 degrees. Come on, spring!

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